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In 2017, I founded Leafy Kitchen, adopting a unique integrative approach to holistic health and delicious food! (But don't let anyone know it's healthy.) I've been helping individuals and groups through teaching and coaching, even catering to models and crews at The New York Fashion Show. My motto is 'Food changes everything!' I share my story and experiences to assist people curious about plant-based living, dealing with health concerns, and feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and finding it challenging to stick to a new healthy lifestyle.

It's never too late to make a change.

Plus get my 5-Day Meal Plan for FREE! 


"Working with my Wendy was game-changing for me! I have always been conscious of my food choices and trying to eat a healthy diet - but often found myself binging on foods that I know make me feel sluggish and sabotaging my ability to maintain my weight as I’m aging.  Wendy’s approach to coaching gave me the guidance and support I needed to identify the reasons I kept falling back into bad habits.  

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