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9 Ways a Health Coach Can Improve Your Life

Updated: Mar 23

Hiring a health coach will guide you in the right direction for a happier and healthier life. Click here to learn more about the process.

As we continue on through our journey of life, our bodies tend to make changes that can throw us for a loop. We see different versions of these physical vessels and have to learn to adapt to them each time. Most people go through this by immersing themselves in wellness practices. But the thing about health and fitness is there is a ton of information that can be confusing. Knowing the right things for your body is essential but also intimidating. Having the support of a health coach can alleviate a lot of the challenge though. If you're looking for support with living a happier and healthier life, keep reading to learn about 9 ways a health and wellness coach can get you to where you want to be.

What Is a Health Coach? A health coach is someone who is a trained professional in wellness practices such as fitness, nutrition, and other modalities. They use their expertise to help clients identify stifling health concerns and give them the appropriate tools to address them. A health coach can create a personalized plan that is made to improve a client's overall well-being through step-by-step guidance based on the individual's specific circumstances (age, goals, ailments, illnesses, etc). Working with a health coach is a great way to bring more balance to your mind and body. Keep reading for the many benefits you can reap when you hire a health coach.

1. Can Help Create Realistic Fitness Goals Starting a fitness journey is difficult for many people mostly because they don't know where to start. A lot of the time we create goals based on the number on the scale and don't consider how we want to feel or what it would take to get us there. A health coach is a perfect person to help put your vision into a realistic format. Having realistic fitness goals is important because it allows us to make actual progress. When we see ourselves changing, it typically motivates us to keep going. But if you start with goals that are too ambitious, for instance, this can actually become discouraging if you don't see any results.

2. Create Customized Plans Once you've set some goals, you'll need to know how to achieve them. This is where things often get tricky. But let's say you hire a health coach, this person will actually look at your goals and your current fitness status to create a customized plan. The personalized health and fitness program usually includes everything you need to know about making your wellness transformation dreams a reality. This includes workout plans, nutrition guides, and even suggestions for natural detoxes or supplements (if needed). Every health coach is different so the way the plan is structured will be unique. But one thing that's guaranteed is that you'll get a wellness plan tailored exactly for your body and lifestyle that will aim to get you the results you deserve.

3. Improve Relationship to Food Getting healthy is usually 20% exercise and 80% diet. A lot of times, people who don't see the changes they want struggle with nourishing their bodies with what is needed. When you add in strict fad diets and eating disorders, things become even more complicated. There's no need to punish yourself when it comes to food. And a health coach can help you understand and actively practice this in a safe way. Hiring a wellness professional allows you to create a new perspective on your relationship with food. They can introduce you to new lifestyles that suit your body's needs while still considering your appetite preferences. For instance, you may find a vegan health coach that can provide you with tasty (but healthy) recipes and meal plans. Eliminate poor eating habits like binging or undereating and allow a health coach to guide you into integrating better eating choices to build a healthier lifestyle.

4. Identify and Address Health Issues Dealing with ailments and illnesses is enough to discourage anyone from getting healthier. Sometimes you don't have enough energy or you just don't know what are the safest routes to take for your body. In this case, a health coach can give you support by identifying certain issues you may be experiencing and addressing them accordingly. A health coach is knowledgeable of low-risk methods of boosting concerning health conditions. You can also relay information from your medical practitioners to your health coach for them to consider this when developing your customized health plan.

5. Increase Confidence The phrase "when you look better, you feel better" has stood the test of time because it is a universal truth. But many people don't get to experience this truth due to poor body image and dysmorphia issues. Researchers found that around 85% of adults and adolescents worldwide have low self-esteem. Many of us go through rough years when we're younger where we feel inadequate or pressured to keep up with societal standards. Unfortunately, these feelings can follow us throughout life if they aren't addressed. Hiring a health coach can turn that negative outlook on ourselves to radiant, beaming confidence. A health and wellness coach helps you address the root cause of the issue. Oftentimes, this is linked to our appearance or how we feel about our bodies. Working with a fitness expert is a step towards shifting your entire physical composition. Once you start to see positive changes in your body, you'll feel better about yourself.

6. Give You Accountability Have you ever reached a goal simply because you told someone that you were going to do it? The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65% more likely to meet their goals once they've made that commitment to another person. When you work with a health coach, you get around-the-clock accountability. They are with you every step of the way and can hold you accountable to do the things you said that you would do. You'll also get constant moral support to help boost your spirits when the going gets tough.

7. Help With Stress Management Living with excessive stress can severely decrease someone's quality of life. People experience stress for many different reasons, including relationship problems, financial issues, chronic illness or injuries, or emotional conditions (anxiety, grief, depression, etc). You often need an outlet as a relief from the pressures of life to feel balanced again. When you hire a health coach, they help you get motivated to engage in healthy activities that can reduce stress. Exercise has been known to affect the production of the neurotransmitters that are responsible for making us feel good (endorphins). Almost any form of physical activity can give you this effect, but people tend to be hesitant about starting new activities. A health coach can help give you the motivation and assurance you need to feel confident about moving your body more to prevent increasing stress levels.

8. Teach Proper Habit-Forming Methods for Behavior and Lifestyle Changes One day you woke up and were a completely different person than you were five, ten, or even one year ago. But that change didn't just happen overnight. It was an accumulation of decisions and actions that turned into habits and created your reality over time. If you're in a phase in your life where you'd like to improve your health, this is possible to do with intentional behavior change. Shifting your behavioral patterns isn't an easy practice and can sometimes require the support of professionals to stick. A health coach can help you identify problematic behaviors that are keeping you stuck in current circumstances. They can then transfer the proper skills you need to build new habits that will help you to create a new healthier lifestyle.

9. Help Improve Sleep Quality Getting an adequate amount of sleep becomes more important as we grow older. Our bodies need proper rest to recharge and reset from everyday wear and tear. However, many people don't get enough sleep due to the overall quality of their lifestyle. If you hire a health coach, you'll reap the residual benefits of making better nutrition choices and keeping your body moving. This can help you to get a good night's rest more often.

Find the Right Health Coach to Help Improve Your Life Managing our wellness is the top priority of life and gets even more vital with age. But this can be difficult for people when there's tons of information about what the right health choices are. You can take the guesswork out of your health and fitness journey by hiring a health coach.

Working with the right health and wellness coach can significantly improve the quality of your life even within a short timeframe. They'll be attentive and supportive of you and your goals to help make sure you reach success. If you're looking for a personal coach who's committed to seeing you become a healthier and happier version of yourself, contact me today to get started.

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