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A Little About Me…

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. I'm Wendy Renshaw, I help clients stop their sugar cravings and jumpstart their energy so that they can live a much healthier and happier lifestyle.

I was born in Australia and grew up in the UK but currently living in the USA coaching from my laptop in my kitchen.

I haven’t always worked online. With over 25 years of coaching and teaching experience in one form or another, I guess I really enjoy helping people and seeing them transform.

And that's all I focus on today, helping you develop a stronger, healthier mindset for your lifestyle so your eating habits work for you, not against you, providing you with the tools to live a life full of vitality and feel truly aligned.

(Here’s me recently competing in my first ever dance competition and winning 1st place at 56 years young! - Yes, dance is my happy place).

Where It All Started

Food has always been at the centre of life, at 6 weeks old I was covered in eczema at a time when doctors did not believe in food allergies. My mum and I began a long journey of experimenting with recipes and detective work to figure out how to improve the constantly painful and uncomfortable itchy skin and asthma attacks that would flare up throughout my childhood years and beyond.

I spent many happy times in the kitchen learning to cook alongside my mum and later in 5-star kitchens and restaurants as a student. After graduating from University with a BSc in Hotel Management, I felt called to teach and completed a certificate in ESL. I taught English in Spain and Belgium. I got to experience a Mediterranean diet which improved my health tremendously.

My students of all ages loved discussing food, recipes and all things gourmet. Food brings people together even in the classroom and I enjoyed helping my students feel confident hosting a business meeting over dinner in English or grocery shopping while abroad. I was also learning to speak Spanish, and French and experiment even more with new ingredients, herbs, spices and recipes.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

I consider myself very lucky. After my own health scare in 2007, I knew I needed to make some significant changes to my eating habits and lifestyle. I went to cooking school, The Natural Gourmet Institute and learned about vegan nutrition and lifestyle. Becoming plant-based, my health improved greatly, my energy soared, my skin was finally eczema-free I felt amazing!

It took time to transition completely, but out of the trauma, ‘the lemons’, I was able to make lemonade and will never take my health for granted ever again.

My Coaching Journey

After restoring my health and well-being, I was looking for a change. I heard of a health coaching course with the IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I thought this sounded like a perfect way for me to combine my love of helping others with my love of food, especially healthy food.

I quickly realized that you need to learn practical ways to redesign your health if it is to become a lifestyle. I began private coaching, teaching local cooking classes and group workshops. But breaking old habits is not easy, especially when it comes to food. And there is so much information out there that you can easily feel overwhelmed and give up.

(Me with my best kitchen helper, Wally).

My Online Journey

The pandemic changed everything for us all and for me, I felt my physical and mental health were my top priority once again. I decided it was time to tell my story to a larger audience and help others struggling with transitioning to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. It was hard reliving what had happened but I wrote my book as a way of reaching and hopefully guiding people wanting to take charge of their own health issues.

I also felt that to truly help reach as many people as possible I needed to make my coaching accessible with digital courses that are available 24/7 as well as offer private coaching online so that no matter where you are in the world you can start to make positive changes to your health now, it’s never too late.

(Here is me with my book!)

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you have made it this far down the page you must be interested in something I've said. Something has resonated with you. Well, let me ask you a few more questions just to make sure you're in the right place.

*Are you struggling to know where to start when it comes to breaking bad eating habits?

*Are you frustrated with the number that you see on the scale?

*Is all the nutritional information that you have been told overwhelming? 

*Are you worried about protein on a vegan diet?

*Are you feeling off your game? 

* Have you tried to eat more healthily numerous times, but feel like you quickly go back to eating lots of sugary processed foods even though you know it's not good for you?

*Do you feel too busy to cook a nourishing meal at home every night? 

Do you wish to improve your health and the health of your family and friends by being the first to set a better example?

Are you curious about vegan, gluten free cooking but not sure how to start?

Well if you've answered yes to any one of these you're in the right place. And this means I can help you!

So start your journey today by getting access to the first two chapters of my book "How To Eat An Elephant With A Spoon" absolutely FREE. Simplify click on the button below to get access.

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