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Brain Fog Breakthrough:

Plant-Based Food Swaps to Manage Stress & Achieve Balance

  • EASY plant-based swaps right in your pantry! 

  • Short, informative videos that you can quickly implement 

  • Visual PDFs to shortcut your way to a healthier you

In this 1 hour mini-course, get a jumpstart in managing your stress and getting back to a better work-life balance. You will quickly learn how to make simple, effective changes in your diet and lifestyle that can make your brain function better.


I've put together transformative tips and delicious, easy plant-based recipes to make this journey fun. By the end, you'll not only eat healthier but also feel more energetic, in control and clear-headed. It's a win-win!


Learn about easy, tasty swaps of key ingredients to make your regular diet healthier, higher in protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, fiber that are also nutritiously dense and delicious. Includes vegan, gluten free, keto friendly recipes, nutritional information and coaching tips to explain what to swap, why it is beneficial, how to plan your weekly menu and meal preparation.


There are also accountability tasks and quick win goals to jumpstart your stress management and inspiring case studies of the benefits of eating a more plant based diet to every day health and well being and sustainability. All this is to help you jumpstart your wellness journey now!


BRAIN FOG BREAKTHROUGH is for you if....

  • You ever wonder which food is healthier for you 

  • You have questions about living out a plant-based lifestyle 

  • You have a busy life that requires you to make so many decisions that you don't want health to be a backburner in your life

  • You struggle to consistently make healthy choices in your diet and it's affecting the way you think, act, and feel about your life 

  • You feel like your brain is working at half capacity and you can't pinpoint why that's the case 

Upon signing up, you'll receive...

  • The exact food swaps to make, RIGHT IN YOUR PANTRY, to have a healthier, sharper brain

  • Meal plan that will not only enrich your palate, but also cause you to have more energy

  • Short, quick videos that you can easily implement at any time 

Why Leafy Kitchen

We believe that living healthy, plant-based lifestyle should be easy to start and maintain.

100% vegan & plant-based

Honestly healthy

Created by a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


"Working with my Wendy was game-changing for me! I have always been conscious of my food choices and trying to eat a healthy diet - but often found myself binging on foods that I know make me feel sluggish and sabotaging my ability to maintain my weight as I’m aging.  Wendy’s approach to coaching gave me the guidance and support I needed to identify the reasons I kept falling back into bad habits.  

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